What to do

Nov. dec. 2010

eat : porridge / pasta / curry / porc & quince / sausages & rice & peas / pancakes /lam kidneys / blueberries (from Argentina) / grapes / Satsuma / risotto / fruitcake / bread & red berries jam …
sleep : 23h / 13.30 / 23.30 / 15 / 22.50 / 23 / 20.30
work : translation / PURH / RELIEF / CRIR / abstract
pay : £7 / £22 / £2.50 /£6.30 …
play : with cardboard bricks
shop : gloves / ALDI /fruits
visit : Kettle’s Yard / St Marc Church
move : Paris (20/11/2010) / Orleans (07-10/12/2010)
meet : Dad (2)/ Simone (2) / Julia (6) / old ladies (2)
learn : some new English words / Christmas Carols
teach : French : Monday ; Thursday / AF / university
contact (other Cambridge’s residents) : none
art : Elke’s Project / Grantchester (again)
relate to the university : Newcomers and visiting scolars / French Department

My week in 2010:

Monday 29/11/2010: cycle to West Cambridge – meeting mothers and children.

Wednesday, 1/12/2010: an other trip to WestCambridge at 5 o’clock.



Friday, 3/12/2010

“I stopped going there in August… The people I was visiting went back to where they were from. I stopped going there in August.

I used to go there not knowing the postcode just knowing the doorcode the people whose place I went to had told me in a funny way so I would always remember it because of the funny way they told me…still do I think so… I stopped going there this august.. most times putting two little girls to bed or sometimes just listening to their funny sleeping noises… falling asleep myself…. till the people who went back where they had come from came home… a fellow and his follower… sometimes a bit drunk sometimes very sleepy and I would wake up and we would get lost in nighty chats… I stopped going there this august…doesn’t it look like a prison, this place? in the dark middle of nowhere?… going there meant freedom for the people who went back where they had come from…. looking a bit more free when they came back but mostly sleepy… a freedom deal… next week one of them would come to us who haven’t gone back to where we had come from…. and put two little boys to bed and listen to their funny sleeping noises and fall asleep on the couch till we came home…a fellow and his follower… a bit drunk… and sleepy… and so on and so on… do I still remember the door code?”

Sunday 5/12/2010

Going out for a drink without the children (left at home) and talking about what ? The follower’s life… How to get a job ? And why not being creative and visible at last !



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