Collection of phrases in the different languages that we use:

“We have to change your nappy and get you dressed.”

“Bye, have a nice day! See you tonight”

“Please, eat your breakfast”

“Shall we go the park and meet your friends”

“Some pasta for lunch?”

“Excuse me, can I please pass with the push chair!”

“Oh – thank you so much!”

J’ai enfin obtenu les droits pour les images que je veux insérer dans mon article !

Nous prenons l’avion demain pour voir la famille en France

Did you see the last exhibition at the Fitzwilliam ?

Have you tried the session for pre-school kids at Kettle’s Yard ?

I may organise some tours of the Fitzwilliam, in French, with the “Alliance Française”.


feeling like following ?

follow or settle ?

following or leaving ?

following and leaving

following you

follow your feelings!?

what follows the following?

forever following?




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