Follow the fellow – 06 April / 02 May 2014

Elke Papp  Genevieve Guetemme  Anna-Maija Kesonen

 How to (re) gain an “own” expression in new languages and cultures – three drop-in workshops will run alongside the exhibition at Murray Edwards College:

  • Monday 7th of April – 1 p.m. –‘Writing Workshop’ for adults and activities for children  £5

You might have come here with your partner for a short time or for longer. t find the words. This writing workshop addresses exactly this dilemma in a creative and most enjoyable way. We will be working on every day images as well as on the topic of dislocation -allowing a mix of languages and styles.

No writing experience require and children welcome! They will be offered their own creative activities.


  • Monday 7th of April – 10 a.m. ‘Garden-trail’ for adults and children – £5/adult


New Hall Garden is somehow unique in Cambridge. A College Garden and yet public! Open to everybody! Fellows, followers, locals… adults, children…. and it invites us to get involved in its rich beauty, by just going there and picking (which is allowed!) or by adding something creative – that’s what we are going to do together. In various ways in any weather reflecting on how we feel part of a community / or not in Cambridge as a very transient place. A garden trail which mirrors the paths that many people coming to Cambridge from all over the globe go – arriving, missing, losing & finding, surviving and leaving – or (some) staying.

  • Thursday 1st of May –  11 a.m. and 4 p.m. ‘Cambridge tour : Follow the follower!’ – Meeting point: in front of Kings College Main Gate – Walk to Murray Edwards College and to the exhibition for adults and children –  £5/adults. Guide: Elke Papp.


Because the art project (which you will see at the end of the tour in Murray Edward College) was “born” while exploring the city, come and see the city through the eyes and the words of Elke Papp, an Austrian writer and performance artist who has lived here some years before following her fellow to Southampton. You will learn how a woman desperately wanting to leave the place (to go where?) has found “her” paths, making the most enjoyable and most demoralizing encounters while (mostly) pushing her double push chair.

If you live in Cambridge you will know most of the stops but most probably get to see it in a very different perspective.

There is room for 15-20 persons in each workshop. Workshops are held both indoors and outdoors. No necessary booking and paying on arrival. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


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previous events:

28th of October 2011 – a creative workshop for wives, husbands or partners of academics in Cambridge (who may not stay very long in this town but belong to this place).

Run by: Elke Papp (Austria) and Geneviève Guétemme (France)

This workshop will try to define the nature of being a follower (type, time, place …) and offer an open tribune to an often unheard and invisible part of the academic community.

It’s all about following which is leaving a place one belongs to, with a job and relatives, to a place often temporary, where one position becomes sometimes secondary.


– a path which is not written

– with excitement

– and support a fellow

– and leave memories behind

– eternal movement

– and run after the children, trying not to get lost.



Fitting gaps with imagination on writing or something else. And wishing the boring things would have been done by themselves.





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