“I love the blog!  One of my previous ideas for a phd was to interview all of us moms in Cambridge – are we enjoying ‘taking a break’ with the kids?   Or high-flying ‘victims’ of a sexist university structure?  I’ll definitely share…”
“At last I have seen the goodies in the shop window.
I think it is a great idea to make unwanted shops more interesting. I liked the photos of feet…
I am aware that it is often hard for partners who follow. My mother was Australian & when my parents married, in Aus, commercial flights did not travel at night!  My grandparents visited us in UK & we went to Aus by ship (every few years) as the airfare was too expensive.
Most people’s lives seem much more unpredictable than say 20 or 30 years ago – so many short term contracts – or posts made redundant.
I liked some of the poems & the time flies.
Not easy being in 2 countries.”
A floating world : by Catherine Aman (in local secrets, he lively guide to everything local – Cambridge – 6/11/2011)

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