shop window

Our work is exhibited in an empty shop window in Cambridge!    Pess release

Come and have a look: 17th Oct – 14th Nov in 38-40 Regent Street

Saturday 29th of October 3.30 p.m.: opening and performance by Elke Papp – Gallery

Sunday the 14 th of November: finissage (last chance to see!) from 10.30 to 12.00

Hope to see you there!

“Follow the fellow – a creative Cambridge exploration of those who followed” is an international art project which has been started in Cambridge in 2011 and is supposed to be continued further on.

Everyday experiences of those who followed their husbands / wifes and partners to Cambridge who work here (mostly temporarily) for the university and set up a family are explored in a creative way involving various art forms such as performance, writing, visual arts, etc.

A team of international followers – Elke Papp (Austria), Geneviève Guétemme
(France), Jessa Leff (England) and Alison O’Neill (England) – being artists and
mothers with an academic past/present – creates art works and offers workshops,
encouraging the audience to work with them on their feelings about Cambridge
and their life of moving around.

For each of us “following the fellow” feels different and alike at the same time:


Follow the fellow….. Who might have lost his dream on the way. And what about the follower’s dream? Follow the fellow and be fed by the fellow. Be a family in a foreign country. I left Vienna to live in Leipzig with my fellow.
We left Lepzig to live in Cambridge (Not a single day longer than two years
was my saying then! That’s three years ago..) Living abroad. Not knowing where
to go next. How exiting! How exhausting! A modern nomade life? Or a very
tradtional (non-feminist?) tribal way of living in these modern (?) times?
Forever following or become the one who is followed? As a writer and
performance artist I am strongly inspired by my life experiences and how they
reflect others. Has following become a trend in those global times? Cambridge
may one make think so.


Following without following, I have one foot in England and the other one still in France and it’s fairly acrobatic! Especially with a young child: following me of course or is it the other way around? Feet up and down, following is a dance. Sometimes it is possible to sit still just (at least half a second) to contemplate a boat race where following means trying to catch up, and stop. But these pauses are only small photographic punctuations: followers never stop.


Like Rapunzel, I was up for being rescued.  I registered my car to his address before I had even seen the house.  Touching down in Cambridge was disorienting, I followed my map wherever I went and still managed to get lost the long way around.  Now that my daughter plays at map-reading from the back seat (“You have to keep going, Mummy”), I see that following starts early, and sometimes goes back and forth.  In my drawings I am trying to see that there is room enough for me.


I didnʼt think about the nature of my following. It was more about being in the same place as my partner. My following to Cambridge coincided with a period of having babies and therefore revolved around my being in and of the home. I worked in the home, my children were in the home. My perceptions of myself were altered. I was attached and in a dependent role. I was suddenly in an (almost) traditional set up for which I was unprepared. Somebody added on to somebody else’s life. An appendage.


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