Past events

„Follow the fellow“– a multimedia art project.

06 April / 02 May 2014 in Murray Edwards College

Photography, installation and performance from Elke Papp and Genevieve Guetemme.

A set of workshops for adults with activities for children have been set to accompany the exhibition:

The 7th of April: a writing workshop and a ‘garden trail’ (on College ground).

The 1st of May: „Follow the follower!“ – Guided tours through the very personal Cambridge of „followers“

One can tour through Cambridge in various ways. On a boat, on a hop on – hop off-bus, on a bike or with a guide showing one the most important colleges. 

One can explore they gown Cambridge or the ghost Cambridge – wouldn’t it be also more than interesting to get to know the every day routes of the „followers“ those who explore Cambridge in a very different way to those who work here or have been living here for a long time?

Where did they go first when they arrived here? Which places saved them from feeling isolated? Which route do they avoid? Where do they make friends with others (mostly followers)? That’s the questions the tour is hoping to answer.

„Follow the fellow“– a creative exploration of Cambridge by those who followed

24-26 October 2013: Motherhood in post-1968 European Women’s Writing: Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogues – Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing, Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London

Moving Mothers: Performance and film presentation by Geneviève Guétemme and Elke Papp.

Being a mother in the academia is difficult because it is often considered a disqualification while fatherhood, on the other hand, enhances the perception of highly valued social skills[1]. But leaving this gender divide in the workplace aside, we prefer to focus on very practical every day problems and analyze the situation of mothers (often academic themselve) who choose to follow a husband or a partner from fellowship to fellowship in a continuously temporary exile.

What kind of model do these moving mothers follow? Does this very ‘traditional’ mother-at-home versus father-provider come with the economic climate, an all-consuming, solitary and competitive working environment, the university sexism or the family idea? And does this nomadism stop any personal development for the mother or, on the contrary, create new opportunities and boost ambitions?

As both artists and academics, we will try to answer  these questions with a mini-performance and a ten minutes presentation commenting a short 5’film.

[1]    Curt Rice, ‘The motherhood penalty: It’s not children that slow mothers down’,


13. 14. December 2012: SYMPOSIUM « MOBILITES UNIVERSITAIRES : REGARDS ET PRATIQUES» Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Meeting of observers and practitioners and establishment of an international network to study the “academic mobility”. Genevieve Guetemme will give a 20 min. presentation.


Postdoc positions, fellowships  (Leverhulme, Marie Curie, etc.) come all with eligibility criteria, statutes, budgets and show that the “university mobility” is now part of the system. Therefore, mobility, before and after the thesis, is always presented as a source of experiences and opportunities. But what about family life? A fellow is rarely alone and sometimes, brings his family with him/her – especially for mid- or long term contracts. In this case, usually the spouse, when there are young children, becomes mobile as well, but this is a ‘secondary’ unofficial and unprofessional academic mobility. A mobility by default, lived by those obliged to choose between the long distance relationship or the abandonment of a career. This mobility affects a highly educated population (often academics) who abandon any prospect of becoming ‘fellow’ to become ‘followers’. But what kind of lives do these followers have? What can bring (most of the time) women  – often holding a PhD – to sacrifice their careers and become a mere appendages’ of an intellectual (male) international elite? This talk will explore the more or less obvious sexism in academia and question the idea of ​​a family in a mobile and international academic context.

17. October – 14. November 2011: exhibiton at 38-40 Regent Street

Elke Papp (Austria), Geneviève Guétemme, Jessa Leff, Alison O’Neill will be exhibiting their art works in one of the empty shop windows in town: 38-40 Regent Street.

Saturday 29th of October: open afternoon from 3.30 to 17.00 with the artists in front of the window

Sunday the 14thof November: finissage (last chance to see!) from 10.30 to 12.00

26th of October: 10.30- 12.00 Histon Road Recration Parc (off Histon Road
“Let’s play!”: a playful event for all ages including a short performance and a miniworkshop on the playground. Admission free.

28th of October: 10.00- 12.30 West Cambridge Community Room (Charles Babbage Road)Creative Writing and Photography – workshop for wifes / husbands/ partners of academics of all nations and of all levels of English about the topic of “following”. Any level of English. No artistic experiences required. Children are welcome and will be involved in the creative process. Fee: £5 per adult.


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