The hidden realities of the globally mobile

Proposed definition
freely inspired by: Lois Bushong, Belonging Everywhere & nowhere, Insights into Counselling the Globally Mobile, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Mango Tree Intercultural Service, 2013

The ones who adjust to new cultural worlds
The ones who belong in many places
The one who learn to deal with various set of cultural values or norms
The ones who have a transitory lifestyle
The ones who don’t think like the ones around them
The ones who have an expanded view of the world
The cultural chameleons / the cultural misfits
The ones who choose their culture/heir world from all of those they have been part of
The ones who know there is a big world out there to explore
The ones who are willing to do things outside of the box
The ones who view the world through the lens of many cultures

The ones who manage frequent cycles of separation and loss
The ones who experience hidden, unnamed losses, invisibly connected with the more visible losses of transition: friends who already know their world / use of second language / easy access to favourite food / comfort of favourite objects that are too large to carry back / a sense of cultural balance
The ones who have to deal with chronic unresolved grief
The ones who lose their family original language
The ones who mask their grief with the excitement for the adventure

The ones who live out of a suitcase
The ones who have to put together the pieces of the puzzle they have called life
The ones who struggle to find a clear sense of identity
The ones who lack of usual markers such as place / community / culture / blood relatives

The ones who have their identity rooted in a system rather than in a place
The ones who can’t relate to others in their ‘home country’

The ones who never get to the stage where they belong to any locale.
The ones with one foot in the door and one foot out of the door

The ones who are hidden immigrants in their own country
The ones who mirror the culture of their host country
The ones who live within a strong community of expatriates

The ones who experience a dissonance between the expectations and the reality of who they are.
The ones with so many backgrounds
The ones who build quickly deep friendships with their peers
The ones who can adapt to various cultures
The ones fluent in languages
The ones who can blend in with those around them
The ones with the skills to listen and observe

The ones who do not fit into any typical model
The ones who are internationals



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