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Home Truths’ – exploring transnational work mobility in the oil community

University of Aberdeen – Sir Duncan Rice Library – 25 May to 29 June 2015

This exhibition will offer a visual investigation into the experience of transnational work mobility for individuals and families. 

Its focus will be on the oil community, though this project would resonate well within broader sections of Aberdeen’s population that are affected by repeated and international work mobility, not least the academic community. The exhibition will explore the state of perpetual transition in which a significant proportion of the oil community operates, opening a space of dialogue where plural perspectives on that experience are juxtaposed in a wide range of media. Viewer involvement is an integral part of the project, with an emphasis on material objects to be manipulated / opened / chosen from / made sense of. The exhibition will involve several series of photographs, artefacts and video montages by several artists who will have interacted with the oil community as a basis for the production of their materials. Other resources, namely from the Oil and Gas Archive held by Special Collections, will be foregrounded as a distinctive and contextualizing framework to the artists’ contributions. The themes explored include the place of material objects in a family’s global movements, the notions of ‘home’ on the move, issues of unstable identities and creative potential, as well as the emergence of new, ephemeral communities.

Complementary activities will be ran in parallel to the exhibition. They will include a workshop and a garden trail to take place in the Botanic Gardens, and centered on the idea of leaving a trace of one’s passage.

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