Follow the fellow – a multimedia art project.


06 April / 02 May 2014 – Murray Edwards College


Murray Edwards College will be hosting an exciting new exhibition that celebrates the continuous flow of an unseen population in Cambridge – or any other town attracting international staff.

Opening: 05 April

6pm: photographs, films and nibbles.

Performance by Elke Papp at 7 p.m.

In 2010 Elke Papp and Genevieve Guetemme started a project called ‘Follow the follow’. Anna-Maija Kesonen joined them in 2012 and this exhibition is now telling the stories of the followers, mostly women, who come with a partner and live there for a month, a year, five years… And go somewhere else for a month, a year, five years… With children raised as global nomads, from assignment to assignment, post-doc to post-doc or fellowship to fellowship, just floating along the valued professional mobility, in a continuously temporary exile.

This exhibition is a celebration in words, film and photography of these women (and few men), feeling cut off, searching connections, longing for reconnection (with their former self, with a new self, with others alike, with new people, new challenges).

Opening times of the exhibition: 10am to 18pm every day.

Three workshops are planned alongside the Exhibition

  • Monday 7th of April – 1 p.m. –‘Words writing’ for adults and activities for children  £5
  • Monday 7th of April – 10 a.m. ‘Garden-trail’ for adults and children – £5/adult
  • Thursday 1st of May –  11 a.m. and 4 p.m. ‘Cambridge tour’ leading to the exhibition – for adults and children) –  £5/adult

more information about the workshops

There is room for 15-20 persons in each workshop. Workshops are held both indoors and outdoors. No necessary booking and paying on arrival. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

To Newhall Art Collection website:



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2 Responses to Follow the fellow – a multimedia art project.

  1. Reblogged this on historyonthego and commented:
    This is a wonderful project. It points out some of the most important problems of the academic career: if mobility is a value (and I think it is), constant and precarious mobility is a problem.

    • GGuetemme says:

      Excellent comment! Job prospects in research are more and more uncertain and being the partner of a ‘permanent postdoc’ is becoming a common and very uncomfortable ‘position’ in the academia.

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