Movable families – movable homes.

Life and work bring more and more professionals – and their families – from country to country and from home to home. It starts as a challenge and as way to gain experience, but it can also be, sometimes, the only way to continue to work in this precarious world. More and more academics have to move indeed with little prospects of settling down. For them, the home and the family become a movable unit.

So what is the physical and imaginary idea of ‘home’ in a globalised and mobile environment? Is it a place of  ‘brief permanence’, a place where one live but to which one don’t really belong to, a place of (dis)location, where the recurrent displacements mix identity with diversity? It seems that the idea of ‘home’ evolves when occupancy is temporary and when national and cultural boundaries are recurrently blurred. We may indeed have to distance ‘the home’ from the concept of place and location.

Genevieve G.


panGG01 panGG02 panGG03


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