Mobility, once launched, is a movement that can’t be stopped and it is a global phenomenon.


Ingrid, photomontage © Genevieve Guetemme 2013

Cut and compressed by two sides, perfectly aligned, of a radiator. Truncated and lost in a non-place with no depth, nothing aside and no background, she doesn’t have any personal space and although she may have outlooks in front of her, it feels very empty.


Shalle, photomontage © Geneviève Guetemme 2013

American journalist, she sit on a sofa that is not hers to breastfeed a child who will grow up elsewhere. She has three children born in Holland, Scotland and England. She doesn’t know how long she will have to move and if she will ever get a job related to journalism again. Her only goal is to find a way to raise her children in a world where the temporary is more or less permanent.


Agata, photomontage © Geneviève Guetemme 2013

Here are the homes of the members of a multinational and multilingual community.


About Genevieve Guetemme

art & research
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2 Responses to Portrait

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  2. GGuetemme says:

    Thank you for sharing your ‘follower’s experience’ with us.
    We will definitively try to consider the reverse side of the leader/follower relationship as well.

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