Moved                                                                                                                 visit: expat women

We´ve just moved here. He started saying instead of her to people who did not
even ask. She was moved hearing him say: we´ve just moved here to people not
even asking him. Asking him about his age. And if he was already going to
school. And how old his little brother was. We are from Cambridge, he said. No! That’s not true, she
wanted to scream. But wasn’t it true after all, at least for him?

Why haven’t we found friends yet, he started asking her in the language they
were talking to each other. And his little brother started repeating the
question. We´ve just moved here, she said in the language they talked to each
other. Is it true? When she moved first she counted the days in the new place.
And she did so when she moved for the second time. She does not do that
anymore. As it is with children. One stops counting days, isn’t that true?
Moving takes time (away? To give it where?) and friends (away?), she was
thinking. Why say it so them. And what does just mean to them? And to her? Is
it really about just?

Elke Papp


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