Where to go when you can’t really go somewhere?

Where to go when you have to go somewhere to forget you can’t really go

Where to go when there is somebody who wants you to go somewhere because only
then s/he can also go somewhere and you can only go if this someone also wants
to go there.

Where to go if you just have to go somewhere because this somebody is not just
any body but almost your own body.

Go to groups!

You might have never gone to groups before you came to live here. Most of the
people like you don’t go to “groups” before they come to live (and leave) here.
Some of them might have gone to “Selbsterfahrungsgruppen” (gatherings supposed
to learn more about oneself), or any other group empowering the self.

Most of them have visited this or another evening class to learn something that
the day has not taught them. Now that they have come to live here (and left
days and evenings behind them) they go to groups almost every day. Some of them
even go to groups twice a day as there are plenty of groups – one could make a
group tour instead of a city tour. Go to groups! You don’t know what that
means? Live here for a bit and you’ll know.

Ah, you want to go somewhere on your own? Just for? Come back with your little
ones and I tell you where they have big fun! Go to groups! ….. I don’t go to
groups anymore. I went to groups I tell you. I know them all. I don’t go there
any more. I just can’t.

Elke Papp


About Genevieve Guetemme

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