All the words

Lost: how can you get lost when you are following? The one you follow is supposed to know the way, but it’s not always the case and s/he has to work. In fact, you get most of the time on your own, with no real aim. Time you have is no-time. To get trough everyday is hard, energy for your own thing is hard to find. You are in a bubble trying to grasp the new environment pumping in to you.

Left: following also means leaving a place and many other things ( a job, a language, a house, a climate, relatives, customs, smells…) It means sometimes 30kg or 20 kg of hold luggage and a cabin bag, nothing more. The less important, the bigger things have to be left.

Leaving behind dear material things and family is hard. But to escape responsibilities of ordinary life is marvelous.(I feel that here inFinlandeveryone has to be the same, meaning jobs and kids and attitude.) Of course you get new responsibilities and your life becomes ordinary. You can leave old bad habits and yourself behind.

Let: this is about the difficulty to find a new place because followers are always tenants. There is University accommodation, rooms, apartments, houses… And for the kids, what about finding a school and then rent a house or get a house and then apply for a school place?

Found: a place, a friend, a job? Own voice, new things in me, strength, new homes and meanings

Gone: Elke will be gone in a few months. Majia has been gone for a year. Klaudia is gone fromCambridge toKorea and will soon be gone fromKorea toWarwick. Own work-life must be build up again. Leaving oneself back home.

Gathered: the followers seem to gather in the same (child-friendly) places. They gather scratches of memories. Stay with the ones who understand them even over the big blue see.

Lived: the past tense recall that nothing permanent comes with following. We lived inEngland, inFrance, inItaly and in theUS… until the next move. Following means collecting – and forgetting – many different lives. Places, dots on the map that are more than just dots.

Kept: Some things go from place to place and follow from fellowship to fellowship. Why are they so important? Why not leave them behind? Amulets (this would be interesting to photograph!?), connections to others

Pushed: the babies and the nostalgia, the home sickness, the doubts. To be pushed obliges to jump, to move, to adapt.

Moved: away, out, in… Feel moved about it or just tired? Feel like luggage. Continuously moved by something new in the surroundings, by the family.

Dislocated: From everything: being between places. Anonymity

Freed: from home expectation. Free to be and figure out.

Tied: to spouse, to their jobs, foreign government. (People you don’t know are making decisions about your life). Financial and emotional dependency of your spouse.


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