In these times of budget cuts, new doctors have increasingly uncertain job prospects. But the student’s future is not only defined in terms of position within or outside the academia. What about a family life? Will the husband, wife, partner follow and find its own place in Holland, Korea, Scotland, Israel…? Living apart, especially with kids, is not easy. Should the loved ones become “followers”, when an academic becomes a fellow? What happens when the choice to be made is between nomadism and long distance relationship? And why are the followers mainly women, who abandon their careers to become mere “appendages” of the international intellectual (male) elite?

Should we question the economic climate, the university sexism or the family idea?

Follow or settle ?

Following or leaving ?

Follow your feelings!?

What follows the following?

Follow or not to follow?

Forever following?


About Genevieve Guetemme

art & research
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